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What Exactly Is Hummus? Don’t Knock It Until You try It

Hummus recipes

Many people are wondering “what is hummus?” The short answer is that hummus is it is one of the tastiest, new, exciting foods that American grocery stores are carrying. The other answer to the question “what is hummus?” is a little more complex. Hummus is a dip-like spread that is made from ground chickpeas and olive oil. There are many recipes with hummus and you can probably find roasted garlic hummus dip, spicy hummus dip, and red pepper hummus in your local grocery store. Lots of people are ditching their traditional dips in favor of a hummus spread because it is a healthy and tasty alternative.

While some people are aware of hummus’ availability in their local grocery stores and might be able to answer what is hummus exactly, they might still be looking for that easy hummus recipe. Hummus can actually be made in your average food processor. There are usually three distinct ingredients in any homemade hummus. These are the base, which is made up of ground garbanzo beans or chickpeas. The next element is olive oil to get the hummus to the correct consistency. The final element of a good homemade hummus is the flavoring of your choice. This could be garlic or red peppers. Combine these three in your food processor and give it a whirl. After a few seconds you will have made your own homemade hummus. You can choose whatever you fancy to flavor the hummus, but savory flavors and spices are the best.

I hope this was informative about what is hummus. I also hoped it provided you with some inspiration to make your own hummus or pick it up at your local grocery store next time you are shopping. Good luck with your hummus and happy snacking. Now you know what to say if someone asks you, “what is hummus?”

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