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The Best Way to Find Your Favorite Growing System

Grow boxes

Researchers discovered in the 18th century that plants absorb essential mineral nutrients as inorganic ions in water. Since then, there have been tremendous advances in indoor hydroponic growing systems, including the birth of the indoor grow cabinet. After this article, you will have the answer to what are my favorite growing systems?

Hydroponic growing makes harvesting much easier. Indoor hydroponic growing systems are a safe and effective way to grow your favorite plants. Many pests and diseases are eliminated when people choose to grow their veggies with hydroponics. Hydroponics goes beyond the average consumer as the technique is used in biology research and teaching. Future generations of people will be able to experience the positives of indoor growing.

When gardeners decide to use hydroponic growing equipment, they have the opportunity to grow their vegetables and plants faster. The perfect light for grow boxes or grow cabinets? An LED is the smart and safe solution for long-term growth and health in your plants.

So what are the biggest benefits to LEDs?

The heat an LED provides is perfect, because the proper heat is needed for controlling temperature is critical for plant growth. HPS bulbs run 400 degrees and must be air cooled. This makes running an air conditioner ineffective for home owners.

LEDs are the most effective light for a grow box because of their efficiency. You Get the same quality and quantity with less cost per harvest. LEDs use about 60 percent of the power of traditional lights to get the same results. They provide additional power savings because you don’t need the cooling power of larger fans.

The biggest reason for these savings? The efficiency of an LED. The traditional HPS/MH needs to be replaced once per year. The CFL has a longer life of two to three years, but it doesn’t even come close to the benefits of an LED. An LED light needs to be replaced once every eight to 10 years.

The LED grow light has undergone a recent transformation since its release. With new dimmable/customizable spectrum, one light fixture supports all stages of plant life cycle versus two separate bulbs/fixtures for other light types. Some have user-friendly features including remote controls and built in digital timers.

Now that you have the answered the question of what are my favorite growing systems, start growing!

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