Over 35% Of All Weddings Are Outdoor Occasions How To Spice Up Your Reception

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What’s the trendiest wedding nowadays?

It can be a good idea to look up some cool wedding concepts so you’re not wallowing in stress when the special day comes along. There are neat venues you can check out to host all your guests. There are great party ideas you can jot down on your schedule to ensure the night is just as lively as the afternoon. In a short? There is a lot out there just waiting for you. Who knows? Maybe a championship golf course or brunch menu could be the secret ingredient your wedding has been looking for all along.

Data provided by Hudson Valley Weddings found 35% of all weddings happening outdoors. Let’s see why that is!

A premier golf course is one such reason why. It’s a long-standing tradition, an old-fashioned and relaxed way of enjoying the

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Finding Healthy Calories During the Holidays Can be a Challenge

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This is the season when you want to make every calorie count!
In a time when there are holiday desserts tempting you are nearly every corner, Christmas is a time when you want to make sure that you get the most value out of the healthy items that you eat so that you have more room for the sweet treats that you most want to enjoy.

Finding the right kinds of high protein snack can help you achieve this goal. Knowing that the small snacks that you eat during the day give you the protein and other nutrients that you need so that you can fill your other calories with your favorite holiday desserts and other sweet items. And while some people are filling themselves with dark chocolate candies and other Christmas recipes, many people also find that various types of nuts are a great contrast to the sweete

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