Do You Know The Most Popular Alcoholic Beverage In America?

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What’s one of the most popular drinks in America? If you said ‘anything alcoholic’, you’re on the right track! Beer, spirits and wine are but a few of the alcoholic drinks that rake in tens of millions of dollars year after year, perfect for everything from relaxing at home to having a good time at a friend’s wedding. Creating your own microbrewery is becoming an increasingly popular way of starting a business, appealing to those who want to step off the beaten path and try new kinds of beers as well as large companies and traveling connoisseurs. Whether you want to know what to get at your local liquor store or are looking into growlers to start your very own brewery, you’ll want to be caught up to speed on e

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Planning Your Special Day, on a Golf Course or a Beach

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Getting ready for a wedding is a big affair. If your big day is coming up, chances are you have already put in a good deal of planning. But no matter where you are in the planning process, you are going to want everything to be perfect. Of course, the truth of the matter is that what makes the day so special is that you are getting married to your favorite person, and even if nothing went right with the arrangements or throughout the course of the ceremony and reception, it should still be a perfect event for that reason alone. However it doesn’t hurt to put in a little work to make all of the details of the day as magical as possible.

Choosing the location of your wedding
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