Why Serve Greek Yogurt Dips at Your Next Party

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Hummus spread

Greek Yogurt Dips along with hummus and salsa offer a wide variety of flavors that will delight your sense while providing a healthy nutritious snack. They can be enjoyed with chips, crackers, fruits or vegetables depending on the flavors you choose.

Greek yogurt dips, hummus, and salsa are excellent sources of beans and vegetables. The dietary guidelines published in 2010 recommend people eat more vegetables and beans because of their high nutritional value and demonstrated support for healthy weight management. Diets high in vegetables and beans have also been proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

According to recent studies, nine out of ten Americans do not eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables each day. T

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The World’s Greatest Creamy Horchata Ice Cream Recipe

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Frozen yogurt

There are few drinks as refreshing on a hot day as horchata. Horchata is a cold, sweet drink from Spain made of milk and ground rice. Unless you’ve had horchata, it’s hard to picture what a drink with those ingredients would taste like. But if you have had horchata, you’re probably no longer reading this as your eyes are glazed over with visions of paper cups full of cold, refreshing horchata right now.

Given the scientific fact that horchata is one of the most delicious creations known to mankind, we decided to take it a step further and blow your mind with a fusion of horchata and homemade ice cream. Imagine the refreshing cold, refreshing taste of horchata and the cold, refreshing taste of homemade ice

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