Are You Getting Ready to Hire a Caterer and Event Planner?

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When you are preparing for a big day your head is full of details. The menu. The decorations. The guests. The best party planning, whether it be a wedding, a graduation, or other event, involves delegating. One of the biggest parts of any party preparation is a plan for food and serving it. Making the decision to delegate these major tasks to an event catering service helps provide a great party for both you and your guests.
Being the mother or father of the bride, groom or graduate is an exciting time. The best way to enjoy this excitement is for you to be involved and careful in all of the planning, but then allowing yourself to sit back and enjoy the event. Hiring an event catering service allows you to do that. Some of the most important questions to ask a catering service are:

  • Are you ava
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Six Surprising Facts About Ice Cream

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Without a doubt, ice cream is America’s favorite frozen treat. Enjoyed by the gallon during summer months, ice cream is readily available year-round in too many flavors and styles to count. We have buildings and vehicles solely devoted to the creamy treat! Millions of Americans from ice cream mixers to frozen yogurt cups wholesale employees are hired every year thanks to the frozen desert industry. Here are six facts about America’s favorite dairy desert!

1. In any two week period, nearly 40% of Americans will have ice cream at some point. Ice cream is often eaten at social events including birthdays, graduations, holidays, and parties. Many people get a var

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