4 Popular Meats Your Customers Will Love

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There’s no denying that people throughout the United States love visiting restaurants. In fact, research shows that annual restaurant sales have reached $783 billion. Considering that, many diners are seeking out restaurants that offer delicious meats. Research from Rabobank projects found that meat consumption throughout the United States has reached totals of over 200 pounds a year per capita. If you’re wanting to expand your restaurant’s meat selection, it’s wise to learn which types of meats remain popular among consumers. With that in mind, here are four types of delicious meats to consider offering to your customers.

  • Salami

    If you’re wanting to offer sandwiches to your customers, it’s wise to have salami on your menu. This delicious meat often receives a mixture of herbs and spices. Therefore, many customers enjoy the spicy taste of salami on their sandwiches. It’s important to note that salami is considered hard meat which means you should have
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Using Recycled or Fresh Lumber in a Bar or Restaurant

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Wood is a time-honored construction material around the world, and despite being organic, it is highly durable and may last for centuries under the right conditions. Many historical buildings and houses in North America still have their original wood floorboards or other surfaces, a testament to wood’s toughness and use as a construction material. In fact, the Pagoda Fogong in China is the world’s oldest all-wood, multi-story building. Built in 1056, the Pagoda Fogong is nearly a millennia old but still standing. And while modern construction has phased out wood in some industries, wood is still a vital construction material for homes and furniture alike, such as in North America. Woodworking and carpentry traditions go far back, and the home-like feel of wood can be used in public establishments to set guests and patrons at ease. This ranges from reclaimed wood siding and paneling to reclaimed table tops to reclaimed spruce chairs and beyond.

Lumber in North America

A n

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