3 Unique and Creative Birthday Idea

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A few months ago I had the joy of planning a one year old’s birthday party. This can sometimes be a little difficult because parents can be quite specific about what they want and we all know a one year old’s birthday party is for the parents not the child; the child will not even remember! There are so many different ways to throw a party for a one year old. I’m going to outline some basic ideas in this article.

  1. Twinkles and Tutus Obviously, this idea is better suited for a girl having her first birthday. This idea centers around glitter and ballerina outfits.
    Decorations: Balloons dipped in glue and then glitter and tulle material instead of streamers. You can also buy cups that already are covered in glitter to add to your theme.

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Tiny Greenn Vegetables Take Over Haute Cuisibe

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Ever since chefs in high end San Francisco restaurants first began adding micro greens to salads in the 1980s, the tiny vegetables have become an essential part of haute cuisine. It’s not difficult to account for their popularity – they look and taste wonderful. As food accents and decoration, they make for a unique presentation. There are a number of micro green varieties available which allow chefs to vary design and presentation to maintain the appeal of tiny, fresh green leaves on a dinner plate.

What are micro greens?

Micro greens are a type of speciality produce, and have been around for about 20 or 30 years. They are grown from plant seeds and harvested when the shoots are 1-2 inches long. The tiny vegetables pack a flavorful punch, and their appearance is visually ap

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