An Overview of True Leaves Microgreens

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The art of crystallized flowers

There is a saying, “As goes California, so goes the nation.” When it comes to fashion, lifestyle and food, this is often true. If you look at the growth in popularity of true leaves microgreens, you have more proof of that.

What are true leaves microgreens?

It is important to point out what they are not. Sprouts are not microgreens. True leaves microgreens are the leaves that are picked during a certain part of the lifecycle of the plant. Micro basil, for instance, is not a different plant than traditional basil but the harvest time is different. The leaves are as young as 14 days old. You can get microgreens in a number of tasty varieties.

What is their hi

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3 Ways Diaphragm Pumps Are Saving Lives

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diaphragm pumpsThe component of which all life thrives on is a luxury that many can’t afford. Water is simultaneously the most valuable and in many regions, one of the scarcest resources around the world. It is estimated that global water demand will grow from nearly 4,500 cubic kilometers from back in 2010, to around 6,350 cubic kilometers by 2030.

Water is so essential to life, that the scarcity of it has put countless people, and wildlife as well, at risk. So what threats are posed by the absence of clean water sources?

  1. Bacteria: The ingestion of unclean water causing diseases is obviously one of the most prevalent risks...
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