Country Club WeddingsPlanning the Wedding of Your Dreams

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Learn to play golf

Weddings nowadays have taken on a life of their own. While weddings have always been considered the most special day in a girl’s life, the opportunities that have become popular when planning that special day have grown above and beyond what they used to be!

Country club weddings have always been a popular choice for brides and grooms. Country club weddings will typically offer beautiful grounds available for pictures and even for an outdoor ceremony and reception. For an indoor wedding event, there will be several rooms to choose from, depending upon the size of the wedding, the number of guests, and the preferences of th

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Keeping Our Food Healthy is No Small Potato

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Food packaging automation

When you walk through the door of your local supermarket or grocery store, you expect that the food you will be putting in your cart, taking home and feeding your family is going to be safe. That’s a pretty fair ask. Nobody wants to buy much less eat food that is spoiled or in some way unsafe.

We want our fruits and vegetables to be fresh, our meats to be disease free and our milk not to be sour. Luckily for us, the food industry has developed standards over the last 100 years that have those same ends in mind as well as much more we couldn’t even think of.

To do this, the food industry has developed technology, special equipment, and standardized practices. One example of the special equipment being used every day is the food metal detector. Using a food metal detector helps food workers detect d

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