A Look at How We All Started Drinking Coffee

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Paper coffee cups with lids

Many people like to start their day with a hot cup of coffee. Many people go to coffee shops on the way to work and grab their paper to go coffee cups and stirrers and they find their morning cup of joe:

  • Helps them wake up. That may be one of the top benefits of drinking caffeine in the morning.
  • Makes them smarter. The caffeine in coffee helps the brain work.
  • Makes them more productive at work. Most people report being more productive after drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Has a number of health benefits such as the reduction of the risk of strokes, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • Helps them lose weight. People lose weight for a few reasons when they drink
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Do You Enjoy Peanuts and Peanut Butter? Here Are a Few Facts on One of America’s Favorite Foods

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Peanut allergy causes

Most Americans love their peanut butter. Recent data shows that roughly 94% of United States’ households have at least one jar on-hand. Chances are that they have several. Just one reason for this is because while some household members may prefer their peanut butter creamy, others may prefer it chunky or extra chunky.

It’s important to note that real peanut butter must contain a minimum of 90% peanuts. This is a regulation set forth by the Food and Drug Association. Furthermore, for those individuals that are concerned about genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, there aren’t any GMO peanuts currently on the market. The peanut that we know and love today is actually 99.9% identical to its ancestors!

In addition to loving their peanut butter, Americans also enjoy eating raw or roasted peanu

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