Answering the Questions About Salsa You’ve Never Thought to Ask

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How long does salsa last in the fridge after openi

Salsa is a ubiquitous dip in the U.S., but few of us go beyond using it to spice up some tortilla chips. If you’re on a quest to incorporate more recipes using salsa into your diet, however, you’re likely to come up with a few questions along the way. Here are answers to five of the most common:

  1. What Is Salsa, Exactly?

    There are many different types of salsa, of course, and sometimes all they have in common is the name. Do tomatoes have to be the base ingredient? Do they have to be spicy? Do they have to be used in certain applications? The bottom line is that even food experts can’t agree on all these questions. In practice, there’s not much difference between salsas, rel

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3 Things Small Coffee Roasters Do Differently

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Small batch coffee roaster

Skeptics of recent trends toward buying more local products have raised questions over whether it’s worth buying something like artisan roasted coffee. But the truth is that if you want better-tasting coffee at home, buying it from an artisan coffee roaster is by far your best shot at getting it. Why? Here are three things that local small coffee roasters do differently:

  1. They Use Small Coffee Roasters

    Tools aren’t everything, but they do make a big difference; small coffee roasters use small coffee roaster machines to turn green beans into the brown, aromatic beans that you know as coffee beans. These small batches allow them

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