Friends Come Up With Celebration Cakes Ministry to Help Children in Need

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Mini pastries

In Bowing Green, Kentucky, friends Lisa Ray and Patty McTighe discovered last year that many low-income children in the area had never received a birthday cake of their own. Sensing an opportunity to put a bright spot in someone’s day, the two teamed up and began Celebration Cakes Ministry, using space provided by their church, the First Baptist Church.

In the months since it began, the ministry has grown to 20 volunteers who meet at church several times a week to bake up custom birthday cakes for lucky kids. The ministry has also received several awards for their services, including the 2014 Emerging Nonprofit Organization of the Year from Western Kentucky University.

No one participating in Celebration Cakes Ministry had prior experience baking custom made cakes. Instead, they learned as they went al

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10 Surprising Ways to Use Hummus

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Recipes for hummus

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing your favorite flavor of hummus and simply dipping pita bread into it. But since hummus nutrition facts might surprise you (it’s high in protein) and there are so many different types of hummus, why not expand your horizons? Here are 10 recipes with hummus that are easy, healthy and delicious:

  1. Spring Rolls:
    Wrap veggies and hummus in rice paper and you’re good to go. Just make sure to properly wrap and seal your rolls.
  2. Sandwiches:
    Try hummus spread as a healthy alternative to mayonnaise when you want to keep a sandwich from being too dry.
  3. Chicken Salad:
    Stir up shredded chicken breast with spicy hummus
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