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Theres a SECRET MENU at EVERY American Chinese Restaurant

Believe it or not, almost any Asian restaurant you go to has a secret menu that they tend to keep on reserve for people from their native lands. It turns that out that most Americans prefer an Americanized version of Chinese food, and that is what is typically served on the menu reserved for the public. However, you can in fact order authentic Chinese food from a secret menu from the vast majority of these restaurants.

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That is a huge deal as it means that you potentially open up your taste buds to a whole different experience when you go to your favorite Chinese restaurant.

The trick is to request the secret Chinese menu when you go to these restaurants. Many are family-run with people who are natively from China or surrounding countries. They are well aware of how to make real Chinese food that you probably don’t see on your typical Chinese menu. You just have to be prepared to speak with them about the menu and ask specifically for the things you would like to have from that menu. Try not to be bashful about it as you deserve to enjoy some of the foods that you have heard so much about.

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