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How Meat and Poultry Plants Are Cleaned and Sanitized

In the day and age where people still have COVID-19 and other communicable disease front and center in their minds, sanitation and cleanliness is more important than ever before. Many businesses and industries have had to change how they approach cleaning of tools and surfaces, but few have seen as much of a change as food processing plant sanitization protocols have.

In this YouTube video, we see firsthand examples of new approaches that are being taken to keep workers and the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We see new food processing plant sanitization and cleaning methods that are designed to offer deep cleaning and more regular cleaning protections, targeted at killing the viruses and major stain variants that can cause COVID-19.

Many of the approaches that have been taken in response to the global pandemic are likely to remain even after things calm down. It has become a new norm and has shed light on past inefficiencies that no one will likely be ae to go back. These types of food processing plant sanitization practices are very likely to be seen well into the future.

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