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A Brief Intro to Winemaking


How does wine get made? Winemaking is a process that can take about four months to two years or even longer. After fermentation necessary for wine production, the wine is still not ready for bottling until at least four months.

There are various steps involved in the process of winemaking.

Picking: This first step involves selecting the grapes when they’re ripe, and their sugar level is perfect for ensuring the wine is delicious.

Pressing: In this step, it depends on which wine is being made: white wine or red wine. The juice is pressed out from the grape skin immediately for white wine, and the skin is separated.

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Fermentation: This is the step in which the cleaning of the wine takes place.

  • White wine: The wine is placed in the fermentation vessel, and fermentation happens with or without cultured yeast.
  • Red wine: The wine and the skin are together during fermentation.

Aging: This can be done in barrels and can take as long as two years.

Bottling: At this stage, filtration can be done or not.

Winemaking is an awesome process and more can be achieved, but the choice of wine is a reflection of the right grape or fruit.

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