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Running a Restaurant

Running a restaurant is not your typical business. The proponents of a successful restaurant are anchored on three main things; Public Relations (PR), the employees, and the customers. However, the video outlines 15 other proponents that attribute to the success of running a restaurant.

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First, the PR for a successful restaurant needs to be top-notch. It involves advertisements, partnerships, endorsement from celebrities, and hiring professional and qualified chefs. A restaurant needs people with keen eyes for details of the customer’s health.
The most basic of the attributes is cash. Like any other business, a restaurant business needs a good amount of cash, especially for capital. The restaurant needs food, employees, and an ideal location for it to flourish. A great amount of money helps in the day-to-day running of the restaurant. Also, you will be required to do most of the administrative work on your own for a startup restaurant. Regardless, you would not want to take a gamble with your new restaurant because 60% of new restaurants hardly take off as businesses. Therefore, be wise in your restaurant investment; if you choose to do so, you will reap success.

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