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Factors to Consider When Buying Office Water Cooler

It is known that Temptek water chillers are quality equipment that is portable and central to provide industrial heat transfer. A 3 temperature water dispenser is steel and may have features like a child safety lock and a bioguard. The dispenser has three different temperatures; hot, cold and warm. The child safety lock is applied on the hot water spout to prevent any burns. Many water companies modify the dispensers according to different capacities and usage.

Some of the advanced water coolers are:

· bottleless water coolers

· freestanding water coolers

· plumbed water coolers

The best bottleless water cooler dispenser will improve your health by ensuring you get safe drinking water while saving the environment. Moreover, the best bottleless water cooler will reduce bottle recycling, house chores, and delivery services. To get the best watercoolers, you must check the reviews and compare different companies. The model used and the amount of water taken will determine the price. The installation cost can range between 30 and 50 dollars.

Water is essential for the body. In many third-world countries, clean water is still a national issue. Citizens end up buying water, which should not be the case. Governments should strive to in the right infrastructure to reduce drought in certain areas and save rainwater. Safe drinking water prevents many illnesses associated with dirty water.

Water is a requirement for your good health. Our bodies need to be 50 percent water to stay healthy and fit. It is, therefore, essential to take a minimum of eight glasses of purified water every day. Sadly, clean water is still a scarce resource. Statistics show that only one in eight people in the world have access to clean water.

Indeed, the water should be clean. However, to ensure the water is clean, you have to invest in a water dispenser with a water filter or buy bottled water. Nonetheless, you need to consider the water temperatures as well. So, water cooler dispenser is a better option. It will facilitate access to clean water that can be cold, moderate or hot.

It is a legal requirement for employers to provide clean drinking water in their workplaces, thus making water dispenser a necessary office equipment. But how do you pick a suitable dispenser? You can consider the following.

What Is The Source Of Your Water?

There are two types of home water dispenser; bottle-less water cooler and the one that you need to place a bottle full of water placed on the top. To pick a suitable dispenser, you have to consider the number of people it will serve.

So, if you have a large number of employees, expect high consumption. You might therefore consider connecting the dispenser directly to the water supply pipes. However, if you have a few employees, use bottled water, which is already filtered. However, you will need to replace the bottle every time it’s empty.

The bottle-less water coolers have an inbuilt water filter that effectively filters water from the pipe. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the water.


Water dispenser serves as a water reservoir in your office. You, therefore, might want to consider the effect of the dispenser on the taste of your water. Mostly, dispensers are made of plastic or stainless steel. But which one do you pick? Stainless steel is recommended because it does not give the water a characteristic taste. Plastic will give your water a queer plastic-like taste.

Installing and Placing Of the Water Dispenser

Home water dispensers are easy to install because you can access water pipes easily. However, dealing with an office is a new experience. Consider contracting a plumber to connect the hose to your office water cooler.

Nonetheless, if your budget is limited, consider investing in a water dispenser that has an inlet, you can place your bottled water. Ensure you have more bottled water so that when one runs out, you’ll have another to use.


Keeping your workforce hydrated assures improves their productivity. Therefore, you need to consider what they need. It is essential to buy regular home water dispenser or one with both hot and cold features. A water cooler chills the water beyond the room temperature while cold and hot dispenser allows you to heat the water or take it at room temperature.

Maintaining the Water Dispenser

Every product that is in use is susceptible to wearing off or getting spoiled. Home water dispenser, particularly the one you connect directly to pipes, has a higher risk of getting damaged. So, ensure you hire a reliable plumber to fix it excellently and avoid extra maintenance costs later. Nonetheless, a water dispenser that dispenses bottled water doesn’t require maintenance, and it’s easy to use.

Noise of the Dispenser

Some water dispensers do produce noise when heating or cooling the water. So, if the sound is excessive, place the machine further from the working area to prevent it from distracting your employees.


As much as it is a water dispenser and has advanced filtration, you need to clean it. Therefore, when purchasing the water dispenser, ensure it can be efficiently drained off and washed. Also, replace the water filter after a while. Therefore, ensure your machine allows you to replace the filter. Otherwise, you’ll be consuming contaminated water.

Whether you want to buy a commercial water dispenser or the home water dispenser, you must consider these factors to ensure you acquire the right one. Besides, why would you spend money on a product that isn’t efficient? Also, source your water dispenser from a reliable company.

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