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Craft Beer What You Love

Craft beer is not just like the beer you buy at the wine store or see on your average wedding liquor list. What makes craft beer great is that it’s made in small batches by smaller distilleries, totally different from the mass production of common, name brand beers you see every day in the store.

Did you know that you are one of nearly 100 million alcohol imbibers in the United States? This means there are likely many craft beer people with their own brewery style, which can make it hard to choose the best alcohol for your personal taste. With so many options to consider, how do you choose a great craft beer?

Narrow down your options and see why craft beer is better than your average alcohol and other beer flavors by using this guide to assist you. You can go to a brewery to buy your favorite flavors or see what types of beer are available at your local spirits store.

Choose by Local Services

If you have a local brewery in your area, that’s great. Choose this type of craft beer — since these beers are made in tiny batches, the distillery is sure to have many different flavors to please — for your indulgence so you can support your community while having a great brew at the same time.

Choose by Color

While there are certainly craft beers that fall outside this norm, a common rule of thumb is this: a lighter beer will be a yellow to soft orange in color, while a darker, more harsh beer will be brown to almost black. There are beers in between, of course, and all beers will have other additives to make them unique, be it herbs, fruits, or even flowers.

Choose by Alcohol Content

A craft beer has its own alcohol content, just like store beers do. However, since crafted brews vary in how they are made and what goes into the final product, you get the added bonus of being able to choose from a variety of alcohol strengths.

Choose a milder, less alcoholic beer for your dinner gathering and save the more alcohol-infused options for a weekend or fun date at home.

Remember: if you drink, don’t drive. Enjoy your beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages responsibly. You can find new beers to try at your local brewery.

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