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What Are Grade B Vanilla Beans?

If you are new to cooking or even if you are an experienced cook you may be wondering what exactly is grade b vanilla beans? Vanilla beans like other products are graded to help consumers make the right choice.

The grading system for vanilla beans can help you to make the right choice for your next recipe. Learning more about what grade b vanilla beans are best for will make sure everything you make is delicious!

The Grading System

The first step in understanding what you are buying is to understand what factors play a role in how a vanilla bean is graded. There are two primary things that are considered when grading a vanilla bean:

  • How the bean looks
  • The moisture content of the bean

Appearance plays a role in how a bean is graded. A grade A bean will be free from any noticeable imperfections. They have an oily exterior on the pod and the size is uniform. Grade B lack an oily sheen and can have imperfections. Grade B vanilla beans can have color imperfections as well.

The Moisture Content

Grade b beans have a lower moisture content which makes them ideal for a wide range of applications that gourmet grade A beans are not ideal for. Ground vanilla extract vanilla recipes and more can all benefit from grade b beans.

Where Do the Best Vanilla Beans Come From?

Madagascar vanilla beans both Madagascar vanilla beans grade b and grade a are considered the world’s best vanilla beans. They are flavorful and simply wonderful. Other varieties are grown in Tahiti and Mexico, but Madagascar vanilla beans are considered the choice beans.

When Should You Use Grade B Beans?

Grade b beans or “extract vanilla beans” do not give up their flavor willingly, you must coax it out but when you do you get a purer vanilla flavor. They are great for creating your own powerful extract or using them in any recipe that calls for an infusion of vanilla.

They are a Cost Savings

Grade b beans are typically less expensive then grade a which means you can incorporate the natural flavors of the vanilla bean for less! A grade beans are sold by the bean; B grade beans are sold by weight.

Quality Beans

Whether you are planning on making your own extract, vanilla sugar or you want to scrape a Grade A bean into your recipes, quality beans are a must. Turn to a trusted supplier to ensure that you are getting the high-quality beans your recipes deserve.

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