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Everything You Need to Know To Hire a Caterer

Event catering ideas

When it comes to the success of an event, be it a sophisticated formal wedding or a casual hoedown with friends, food and drink are the two most important elements that can make or break that experience. No matter how beautiful the decor or how amazing the theme and music, if guests leave the event hungry or unsatisfied that will be the thing they will remember most.

Hiring an event catering service can be a minefield if you are unsure what you want and what you will get. For example, most caterers do not allow you to keep the leftovers after an event. Only if your contract specifies that leftovers will be kept by the client will this differ. Make sure that you have a contract with your caterer and that you negotiate the terms of the arrangement so that it meets your needs. Caterers, whether off-site or in-house, offer a variety of options for any event; many also offer some decor, table arrangements and food design and presentation to add to the event’s ambiance.

When deciding whether to go off-site or in-house, if your venue allows those options, remember that plated, pre-orderedmeals will be much cheaper than food stations or buffet options. You should also consider the facilities available at your venue. Many weddings and other events now take place in rural location like vineyards or ranches, which provide a wonderful backdrop to the event, but often lack sophisticated kitchen equipment. If the event catering service needs to bring in equipment or manage inadequate kitchen facilities, it is going to cost you more.

Another aspect to consider when hiring an event caterer is the menu itself. Weddings, for example, used to be known for rich and often heavy foods smothered in creamy sources and paired with deep-fried appetizers. Nowadays though many brides and grooms are opting lighter fare with cocktail hours now sporting mini options such as antipasto skewers of grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls and an olives drizzled with fresh basil oil, or mini lettuce wraps with savory Thai peanut sauce-coated chicken. An hors doeuvres menu is a nice touch. Options for later in the night are also increasingly popular with many wedding parties offering guests a 10pm snack. These also often take the form of a do-it-yourself or make-your-own option. Consider fun variations on salsa and guacamole bars, taco bars, slider bars, or sundae bars.

Food also often follows the theme of the event. Disco 70s parties for example might opt for 70s inspired food too. Great Gatsby themed weddings are popular at the moment with brides and grooms choosing to serve guests champagne towers and cocktails as well as tea sandwiches. There are also many variations on the traditional tiered cake, from macarons and pies, to crepe cakes, cupcake towers or cake pops. For morning weddings or events, brunch is increasingly popular and caterers are able to offer creative version of omelet stations, mimosas, or bloody Marys.

Events are also becoming increasingly eco-friendly and event catering services are also able to provide organic and sustainably sourced ingredients for an event; this has become popular on wedding menus with brides and grooms choosing to have at least one green course. Professional catering services can offer interesting event catering ideas with event menus tailored to your needs.

It is important to ensure that your specter event catering services know about any allergies or intolerances that must be catered for. These may require the caterer to adjust recipes or, in the case of religious dietary preferences, to change cooking methods. Professional caterers are also compliment with the latest food safety laws of the particular state or area in which they operate. Make sure that you and the caterer both understand what is required of you and what will be provided so that your event remains a fond memory in the mind of you and your guests long after it is over.

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