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4 Out of the Box Ideas for Throwing a Party

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If you are in need of a party venue then you must ask yourself a series of questions. For example, what type of party is it? Classy or casual? Is it a dance party or a practical party like where you can learn to play golf? Will there be alcohol or food? There are many different ways that you can throw a party and it really all depends on the type of atmosphere that you are going for. Let’s look at some out the box ideas before you book a party.

Learn to Play Golf Party
It doesn’t have to golf. It could be a ‘learn to play tennis’ or ‘learn to play checkers.’ Whatever sport you choose is what will set the atmosphere. IF you choose ‘learn to play golf’ then your party guests will likely be spread across the green being taught fun and new ways to play golf. ‘Learn to play checkers’ can be done in the same room and those that are not playing can enjoy appetizers and drinks. Checkers could be a louder party where the guests don’t have to be concerned about their noise level as opposed to a golfing party where the guests would need to be conscientious of their noise level.

Murder Mystery Party
These parties are always a fun time. It is as if everyone is in a theater play the entire time. Murder mystery parties are best hosted in someone’s home where people can mingle and lounge and talk to those who they need to in order to find out who committed the murder. You can serve dinner if you like as a part of the party. In fact, during dinner is a great place for the fake murder to happen. Most likely you will want to turn out the lights for a minute and you don’t want anyone bumping into each other or hurting themselves so having them sitting at the dinner table is safest. It’s also a great way to get people together who don’t know one another. Not only does it make it harder to figure out who the murderer is but it avoids the awkwardness because you’re likely not supposed to know each other anyway according to the scenario.

An Era Party
You could do 1940’s, 50’s, 80’s or whatever you prefer. One very out of the box idea is to have the party in an old Victorian home and have the guests dress up as residents of the household; owners, maidens, maids, bag boys, cooks, nannies, drivers, farmhands, etc. It’s interesting to see what each person chooses. Of course, people should be told before hand that whatever they choose is going to be the role they play throughout the party. For example, if someone dresses as a maid then they should see to it that things are kept in order throughout the part. If someone dresses as a driver, they might be the designated driver of the evening.

Game Night
Having a game night could consist of various board games or it could be different sports if the party is held at a park of some sort. Everyone enjoys a good game, it just depends on what type of game you decide on. There is also the option of role playing games like Charades or Mafia. This is different from the ‘learn to play golf’ party because that is just the one game being played and everyone takes part. This party is more of a free for all where there are various different games to choose from for the guests. The great thing about this party is that it can be opened to all ages. If you have games appropriate for children as well as adults then the entire family can have a night out.

Whatever type of party you decide to throw, the whole idea is that everyone has a good time. It could be a wedding reception or a birthday party, it could be classy and elegant or casual and funky; whatever the case may be, as the host, your job is to ensure that everyone is having a fun time. This includes yourself; don’t forget to try and have a little fun your self at the same time.

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