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Summer BBQ Champion–The Chicken Wing

Chicken wings south beach

June brings beautiful days on the beach and long summer nights. Those who come to South Beach know that summer partying is the best kind of partying and summer food is the juiciest, crispiest, most delicious eating all year.

The challenge? How to enjoy all that summer has to offer and still look and feel great. The answer, is of course, the chicken wing. Versatile, flavorful, and healthy–as far as food goes, chicken wings cant be beat. Whether you’re looking for a fast food solution for a late night craving or catering a beach side BBQ, chicken wings are your obvious solution. We put chicken wings head to head with other barbecue favorites to prove it’s deliciousness.

  • Chicken Wings Vs. Bratwurst: Who doesn’t love a good sausage? It’s juicy and easy to eat, but as far as your beach body is concerned, bratwursts are actually the worst. Processed meat has been proven as unhealthy in the long run and no one wants to have a belly full of grease while wearing a bathing suit the next day.

    In contrast, chicken is a lean, clean meat. Whether you pick up a pound of chicken wings, or a full roasted bird, you’ll know exactly what is in your meal. In the chicken wings vs. bratwurst battle, the chicken wins easily as the lighter, healthier option.

  • Chicken Wings Vs. Hamburger: Summer smells like sunscreen and charcoal grills, which is why a hamburger is a classic choice. In the heat of the moment, a burger might sound good, but day old hamburgers just don’t have the same appeal. If delicious left overs is a priority, then chicken is the meat of choice again.
    Pick up a rotisserie chicken for an instantly delicious hot meal, and then cut the left overs up and add it to a salad the next day. A hamburger may pack in the flavor, but it’s certainly not the healthier option. Chicken wins again for its calorie count and next day versatility.

  • Chicken Wing Vs. Hot Dog: South Beachers love the salty sea air, and hot dogs have that taste going for them. You already know where hot dogs fall on the healthy and the left-over versatility scale, no need to hammer that point home, but what about flavor? If salt is what you’re going for, then a hot dog might seem like a good option, but really you can get salt and so much more from a barbecued chicken.

    South Beach is not just about salty water, it’s about Latin dance beets and sweet starry nights. Chicken wings will make your night as sweet or as spicy as you like it. Please all taste buds and pick a variety of flavors. Why limit yourself?

  • Chicken Wing Vs. Pulled Pork: Latin restaurants love to brag about their pulled pork. We have to admit, this is delicious, summery, and very South Beach, but does pulled pork beat out reigning champ, chicken? Of course, it does not.

    Pulled pork takes several hours to prepare and the result is a sloppy meal. If you’re satisfying a late night craving, you are definitely going to end up with pork on your crisp white pants.It’s a mess and a meal you’ll regret. Chicken poses no danger to your favorite clubbing get up. Order it to go for a mess free meal with not even a dish to clean left in the sink. Fast food can be fast, healthy, delicious, and no hassle.

There are so many choices to be made during the summer. Do you like sunset or sunrise? Do you prefer merengue or bachata? Will you order a margarita or a pitcher of margaritas?

It can feel like there are a multitude of culinary choices as well, but the truth is there’s only one summer dining champion, and that is chicken. For flavor, versatility, health, and ease–chicken is the summer food of choice.

What are your favorite barbecue chicken flavors? Share something new that is a must try for this summer!

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