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Delicious and Adorable Spring Recipes

Spring has sprung, so it’s time to celebrate with adding pastels and floral colors to your kitchen! Round up the kids and celebrate spring with some baking, cooking, and food decorating. If the traditional egg decorating just isn’t enough kitchen time for you and your children this year, try out some new spring-themed recipes! This video gives a step-by-step guide to making some of the most yummy and adorable spring treats to grace your kitchen countertop. Let’s get started!

Kneading a loaf of bread is incredibly fun and relaxing, so get your kids in on the baking action with basic yeast, bread flour, olie, oil, and flour. Once your dough is kneaded three times, proofed, and ready to be baked, add some decorative herbs and edible flowers to the dough while it is stretched in a baking pan.

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When it is done baking, you have an adorable little edible masterpiece! Make some regular cupcakes, frosted with a floral tip to look like flowers. Put them all on cake sticks and form a cute little bouquet of flower cupcakes. Finally, ice a dome cake, form a fondant bunny tail, and add coconut and white chocolate accents to make the perfect bunny cake!


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