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How to Find the Best Pizza, Ever

Pizza is one of the most delicious dishes out there. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of your pizza experience, pay attention to these small details the next time you order.

Ham and pineapple

Although pineapple on pizza is a controversial topic, the truth is that it’s delicious and blends nicely with the saltiness of the pizza. Ham and pineapple are a great combination that you cannot miss.

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A good pepperoni

You can’t go wrong with pepperoni, as it’s the traditional way you eat pizza. A great pepperoni pizza needs extra layers of pepperoni that can blend with the cheese and sauce.

Sausage and peppers

The soft and salty texture of the sausage and the delicious flavor of the peppers all combine in the perfect slice. This combination goes fantastic for a Chicago pizza style.

Shrimp pizza

Shrimps are tasty on their own, but mixed with the saltiness and crunchiness of the pizza makes it the perfect combo. The texture of the shrimp with the traditional topping of the pizza makes it one of the best pizzas ever.

And there you have it! For more information on pizza, please check out our video about it.


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