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4 Easy Recipes with Hummus You Have to Try (You’ll Love the Second One!)

Garlic hummus

Sick of eating hummus as nothing more than a snack? The good news is that this versatile dish isn’t only heart-healthy, but it’s also great with a number of different foods. Here are four easy recipes with hummus you’ll want the whole family to try:

Make a hummus flatbread.

Wraps and pita pockets are kind of overdone, aren’t they? If you’d really like to try something new, try creating a delicious hummus dish with flatbread. Top the hummus with grilled and roasted vegetables and eat it like a pizza; on that note, hummus also makes an excellent substitute for a pizza sauce. You can also fold your flatbread to eat like a sandwich, too.

Top a burger with hummus.

You can add a bit more flavor to any summer cookout when you use hummus not just as a dip but as a condiment, too. Try a spicy hummus dip as a topping to add some chipotle flavor to a burger. Vegetarians can use hummus to spice up their veggie burgers, and hummus can also go well on chicken or other types of meat.

Incorporate hummus into a casserole.

If you like making rice or noodle dishes, there may be a place for hummus in your favorites. You can add hummus into the sauce to add flavor, for instance with a roasted garlic hummus dip, or you can top the whole thing with a layer of hummus. The number of casserole recipes with hummus is endless, but to start, try it with brown rice and chicken.

Turn your hummus into a falafel.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the falafel. A fried, crispy falafel almost resembles a meatball in size and appearance, but, in fact, it’s made from chickpeas and hummus, and you can use other spices like curry to add flavor. Falafels are best eaten in pita bread

Have more great ideas for easy recipes with hummus? Need more easy hummus recipes? Leave a comment or suggestion below.

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