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Using Microgreens to Improve Flavor

Hibiscus sugar flowers

Many high-end chefs and caterers are turning to microgreens to enhance their dishes’ flavor and visual appeal. With a variety of colors, flavors, and textures, microgreens can be added to a multitude of dishes to create new culinary experiences.

So what are microgreens? Microgreens are tiny plants, smaller than baby greens but harvested later than sprouts. While many people think that growing microgreens requires little more than a shallow tray, this is not the case. High-quality microgreen growing is a complicated and difficult process, so many chefs opt to purchase their microgreens from reliable suppliers to ensure the freshest, most flavorful produce.

There are many different types of microgreens available for recipes, from edible flowers to miniature vegetable greens. Miniature wasabi and dijon mustard add a spicy kick to meat and poultry, while mint lime and tangerine incorporate their citrus zest to seafood dishes. Traditional sugar flowers for cakes and candies are considered to be fake and too sweet for many diners, so many bakers are adding edible flowers to their pastries to make them extra special.

In addition to adding microgreens to meat dishes, chefs have found dozens of other uses for the plants. Microgreens and herbs can be added to pizzas, pasta, and salads to add interesting flavors and textures, as well as to complement the flavors of the recipe’s other ingredients.

Microgreen growing companies take extra care to ship the greens safely and avoid damaging them. Chefs and restaurant staff are instructed to refrigerate the greens upon receipt, to prevent wilting and help them stay fresh longer, and should be used within a week of their arrival. Crystallized flowers may be used up to a month after delivery.

If you are looking for a new way to add texture and interest to your recipes, consider investing in some fresh microgreens.

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