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You Wont Believe What Food Was Sold at McDonalds

McDonald’s has had a history of success. It has long been a popular restaurant all over the world. It is not exactly a premiere food caterer. However, it does fast food very well.

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Even so, they have had several menu item flops along the way. In this video, you will learn about some of the most unusual items that were once sold at McDonald’s.

Before McDonald’s sold its premium salads, it attempted to sell McSalad Shakers. They consisted of a salad in a cup that was topped with shredded meat or cheese. Customers would shake these cups up to mix the dressing. As you can imagine, this unusual twist on a salad flopped hard.

McDonald’s has always been famous for its hamburgers. This is especially true of classics like the Big Mac. These burgers aren’t exactly the most healthy option. Therefore, McDonalds introduced the McLean. The McLean boasted at 91% fat-free patty. Instead of fat, the patty consisted of water and carrageenan to bind the water to the beef. This low fat option did not appeal to the tastes of consumers. Therefore, it was quickly discontinued.


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