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The History of Barbecue

This video is to inform viewers about the history of barbecue and where it originates from. We as humans all share a similar experience on a daily basis. Food. Food is what is needed to provide nourishment to our bodies, give us energy, and even share cultures with one another.

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There are many different kinds of food, especially those that reside in a certain culture like Hispanic or Italian food. Barbecue is one of America’s favorite kinds of foods. It usually consists of meat, like pork, beef, and chicken, that is smoked or cooked on a grill, as well as other things like baked beans, coleslaw, mac and cheese, and more. This food is almost closely related to soul food, both having their origins in the southern part of America.

Many people are not aware of the history of barbecue. It dates back to African slavery and eventually evolved over time. It has come a long way from being cooked in trenches. More specifically, barbecue that is made down in the south is known for taking weeks to cook if it is really good. This history is a great thing to keep in mind the next time you want to order from your favorite barbecue restaurant or make it at home.


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