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Why Sustainable Meats Are the Better Choice for You and the Environment

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As people become more health conscious and concerned about the environment, they are turning to all-natural meats like grass fed beef, free range organic chicken and wild caught salmon. These foods are healthier for a number of reasons. And then there’s the taste test. Once you’ve eaten grass fed beef, you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. This is how meat should taste, without all the chemicals. And it’s easier than ever now to buy natural meats. Even if you don’t live in farming country, you can find organic meats and wagyu beef for sale online.

Is there really a difference?
Why does grass fed beef taste so good? It’s a no-brainer, really. Grass and naturally growing green plants are the natural diet for cattle, which they turn into protein. This is protein that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, grass fed beef doesn’t have the antibiotics or growth hormones that large scale farms feed to their cattle to make them grow faster.
Grass fed beef is leaner and more succulent. Organic chicken and pork and wild caught Alaskan salmon are likewise tastier choices. Like grass fed beef, organic chicken and free range pork are also more humane choices, since the animals are raised and spend their lives in natural surroundings.

Supporting local meat farmers
Natural grass fed beef is also better for the environment since it eliminates the antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals used in meat processing. And when you buy grass fed beef, you’re supporting local farms and ranches. They have to struggle to survive and to compete against the large factory farms. They’re also the only source of healthy, organic food.
Not only does fresh food taste better, it reduces your own carbon footprint by reducing trucking and refrigeration costs incurred when meat is transported long distances. Organic meats follow rigorous inspection and certification processes, and are a healthy choice for your table.

Wagyu beef for sale online
Again, you don’t have to live near a farm or the ocean to eat these heathy foods. Many firms now sell these products online, and you can find these and other products like wagyu beef for sale with very short delivery periods. Wagyu beef for sale online is a special find.
This variety of beef is derived from Japanese cattle and has a distinctive natural marbling that makes it the finest beef available in the U.S. Wagyu beef is rich in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and is best cooked very rare. It is served in gourmet restaurants, and now you can have it delivered to your front door, ready to cook or to freeze.

When you choose humanely-raised, grass-fed beef, you’re benefiting yourself and the environment. Because sustainable are they also taste better. With the convenience of wagyu beef for sale online, eating healthy is within reach.

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