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What to Expect at a Hibachi Restaurant

The video highlights how to be a Benihana chef using the teppanyaki cooking method. It features a reporter who wants to find out more about this skill and an expert chef who has been making meals using this method.

Benihana is a traditional Japanese hibachi restaurant whose trademark cooking method is known as teppanyaki. The chef shows our reporter the equipment that is required to make the meals successfully as well as how to use them.

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There are certain ways to hold and flip that an aspiring benihana chef would need to learn. He also mentions that for benihana, one only needs three ingredients, namely salt, sesame seed, and pepper.

The duo makes a number of meals starch and meat dishes and the chef demonstrate a step-by-step process to the reporter of how to cut, season, and serve these meals. The video hopes to inspire beginners and people interested in the teppanyaki method of cooking to practice their skills and eventually become masters. It also hopes that viewers can enjoy the flavors that this cooking method shows them.

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