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What Not to Eat or Drink With Dentures

Dentures are a form of dental prosthetic that replaces missing teeth. They are made of different materials, sometimes in combination with metal attachments, and are supported by the mouth cavity’s surrounding soft and hard tissues. This video highlights the different types of dentures and advises on the food and drinks one can take while wearing them.

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Dentures are designed from a range of materials, including resin, zirconium, acrylic, titanium, and porcelain. Zirconium is one good example of a recommended denture type. It is strong, good-looking, hygienic, and less prone to breaking. However, it is more expensive than other dentures. Dentures are recommended only for people with missing teeth. This is because they can result in improper bites when eating and difficulty in talking.
People going for dentures lose up to two-thirds of their food options. They should avoid hard, hot, or sticky food that can damage dentures. Instead, they should have soft food like mashed potatoes, well-cooked meat, and rice. However, it is worth noting that the food one can eat also depends on the type of denture. Some dentures may be strong and allow chewing of some food, while others can easily be damaged by hard or hot food.

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