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How Much Protein Should You Dog Have on a Daily Basis?

Every dog needs a good amount of protein in order to be healthy and thrive. The pet nutrition that you feed your dog should be high in protein to mimic the high amount of protein that dogs have always gotten in the wild. However, you may wonder just how much of it they actually need to stay healthy and have a shiny coat.

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The answer depends heavily on which stage of life your dog is in.

When dogs are puppies, they need a different protein amount from when they are adults or seniors and whether they are pregnant or lactating. There is also a difference in the need between indoor dogs and outdoor dogs. The dog may also have specific protein needs depending on their health conditions. Dogs who are working need a different amount from those who are highly sedentary.

Generally, dog foods are formulated to have the right amount of protein that is needed at different stages of life as well as their weight. If you have a puppy, puppy food will have a higher amount of protein they need, while adult dog food would not. Always choose the right type of dog food just for your pet.


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