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Treat Your Tastebuds to Guacamole Heaven

Guacamole recipes

Everyone knows how amazingly delicious guacamole is. Creamy, yet chunky avocado, with fresh onions, tomatoes, and bits of garlic – what more could you ask for? This Mexican specialty that originated with the Aztecs has taken the U.S. and the entire world’s taste buds by storm.

There are dozens of classic guacamole recipes, as well as ones that blend various ingredients to give you exotic flavor profiles. The original recipe calls for mashed avocados, traditionally smashed using a mortar and pestle, and some salt. A more popular recipe that is often used in restaurants includes fresh tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, and garlic. While each place makes it different, this is probably the combination you have tasted. If this is the only guacamole recipe you have had, you are missing out.

You will also want to try spicy guacamole dip, which often incorporates jalapenos and generous amounts of black pepper, or Serrano chilies. This adds a nice kick to the traditional flavors. Some people add in sun-dried tomatoes for an acidic undertone, and other recipes with guacamole blend in yogurt, sour cream, and other dairy products to add creaminess. There are also “healthier” versions of guacamole that substitute tofu for one or more avocados and cut down on the salt, but this may not be your taste.

There are also many different recipes using guacamole as their main sauce or condiment. Many salad recipes include guacamole, and you can find several recipes using guacamole for chicken dishes as well. In one recipe, guacamole is spread on top of a chicken breast before being cooked in the oven to add flavor and moisture. Another recipe calls for stuffing a chicken breast with guacamole and goat cheese for a creamy, rich taste.

The best part about guacamole is that you can create fresh guacamole dips at home, any time you want, using any ingredients you desire. You do not have to follow traditional recipes, or any of the ones you find online. You can experiment with the spices you have at home, and come up with your favorite recipe. Just be sure to share what you made with others so that we can all get a taste of your avocado heaven.

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