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Building Your Own Moonshine Still

Copper distilling equipment

The U.S. can trace the rise of moonshine to the heavy taxes implemented after the revolution, but these days it has become attracted an altogether new audience that appreciates the handcrafted flavor from home whiskey distilling equipment. Moonshine can consist of between 150 and 170 proof alcohol when it is produced commercially or as part of a moonshine still kit. Since the Prohibition Era, it has existed as popular in the U.S., in part because of its storied past. Whether you can trace back an old family recipe or tradition, or you are ready to discover distilling at home, you can find all kinds of home still kits to begin with.

When you begin with any sort of home brew whiskey or moonshine, it may take time to perfect your brew. You may want to speak with friends that can assist you in selecting a home distillery kit or supplies, especially if they have recently mastered their own process or recipes. Alternatively, you may want to search various third party review sites to discover additional info on distilling at home and which whiskey distilling equipment is required. By using their comments and reviews from previous clients, you may be able to determine which home moonshine kits have the highest ratings. This could be especially helpful to determine which stills rank highest for their customer satisfaction and ease of use.

The vast collection of user reviews and feedback may feel a little daunting to examine at first, but this will allow you to track the trends and features that are most important in your home distilling endeavors. From this, you may want to put together a short list of prospective kits or supplies to research further. This gives you the chance to evaluate first hand, the different components and techniques used based on their instructions. Plus, you can probably find a demonstration of their kit in action, so that you have a preliminary understanding to start with.

Since distilling at home requires some experimentation to get proper results, you may even need to plan in some trial and error time, or experiment to see how your moonshine improves. This will allow you to boost your efficiency the next time around, and it will influence the quality of your completed moonshine. Your patience and ambition for creating new methods and recipes will eventually pay off in the long run. To see more, read this:

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