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Three Winter Cravings Hot Soups, Coffee, and Cocoa

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It’s winter in the United States. The season of hot soups, warm cocoa, and plenty of coffee and tea. There’s nothing quite like having a delicious warm beverage or meal indoors when it is chilly outside. If you are a business owner of a restaurant that creates and sells one of these products then you know how important it is to capitalize on the cold weather while it’s here! Below are a few quick facts about some of the items listed above that can help you gain an edge in your business:

Coffee – Over half of the United State population (150 million people!) drink some sort of coffee or espresso beverage on a regular basis. Nearly 70 percent of coffee is consumed during breakfast hours with the remaining percentage being between meals or accompanying other meals. To make your coffee shop really shine, consider having custom paper coffee cups made with your logo on each one. Not only will it look great, but it will be free advertising every time a customer leaves your shop with one!

Hot Soups – It’s no secret that people crave hot soups in the winter. Whether it’s a bisque, a stew, or a chili, soup really warms you up! If you own a shop that specializes in making a variety of hot soups every single day then you know the importance of a sturdy and reliable vessel for your customers to transport it in. For many businesses, this hot soup container takes the form of a cup or a bowl. Americans eat over 10 billion bowls of soup each year, so make sure your shop is stocked!

Cocoa – Another warm beverage that gets quite a bit of attention in winter time is hot cocoa. From children to adults, it is always a fan favorite. There are so many cocoa shops these days that you are sure to find a variety that you like. Whether it’s dark chocolate cocoa or a mug topped with a homemade marshmallow floating on top, you can count on it to keep your warm. It’s incredibly accessible and can be made quickly with a mix or take a bit of time and add in lots of complexity. Which type of cocoa is your favorite?

If you are a business owner of a shop that sells one of the delicious treats above then you already have winter on your side. A whole season where consumers everywhere are craving what you specialize in. How great is that? As a shop owner, use the push of winter to think of new and innovative ways to keep your product warm when people leave the store with it. One way to do this is to invest in sturdy, paper cups and bowls that you can count on.

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