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4 Different Types of Catering Services

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The catering industry has grown over the years and becomes one of the highly demanded after-service for different types of events. The U.S catering industry employes more than a quarter million people, which means finding the right catering company can be an overwhelming experience.Clients taste and preferences have become more sophisticated with more people demanding for exquisite modern catering menu and services.

There are different types of catering services and each type has specific planning details such as pricing and ordering procedures. Understanding what each type offers will help you define your needs and simplify your menu choices. Here are the four common types of catering to consider for your next event.

Wedding catering
Reception is perhaps the most important part of your wedding after sharing your vows. It’s the moment family and friends share a meal in celebration of your newly forged relationship. Therefore, you need a good wedding catering menu to satisfy their appetite. For wedding catering ambiance is as important as the wedding menu. Decorations, table setting, dinner, dessert, drinks all contribute towards a successful wedding reception.

Corporate catering
Corporate entertainment is nothing new when it comes to modern business networking. And one key aspect of corporate events is the ability to impress current and potential investors. Corporate catering is evolving and becoming more sophisticated than it was decades ago. The modern corporate functions demand detailed catering menus from the desserts, drinks to the main course.

Whether you are planning for an end of year office party, annual general meeting or a large regional event, corporate catering is an essential tool to ensure a successful business meeting. Apart from corporate buffets, box lunches, and continental breakfasts, corporate catering services may also provide job hazard assessment and site safety plan. This is meant to ensure food health and safety.

Social catering
Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary, retirement graduation ceremony or a barbeque party, you need to understand there are two types of social catering services. One that offers food only service and the other offers a comprehensive event plan including decorations, entertainment and themed bars. Many social caterers are also able to create a custom-themed cake for your special event.

Office catering
Similar to cleaning services, office catering has become an essential service for the modern business operation. For businesses that operate early in the mornings and runs until late at night, this service can ensure your employees are served with meals throughout the day. This, in turn, helps to reduce the amount of time wasted by employees on lunch breaks.

Office catering may involve breakfast, mid-day snacks, lunch and afternoon tea. There is also the option of a lunch box, which is a great alternative for employees who are overly busy.

These are the various types of catering services you can choose for your specific event. However, remember to hire a reputable catering service that guarantees you amazing catering menu at a reasonable rate.

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