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Should You Use a Professional Knife Sharpening Service or DIY Your Blades?

If you’re running a restaurant, you know there are countless elements that must be operating in peak condition to keep your kitchen running smoothly. An array of properly sharpened knives at your team’s disposal is not only vital for efficiency while preparing ingredients, but also keeps them safe. A dull blade is a safety hazard and a liability that should be avoided at all costs. While some may be tempted to sharpen their knives themselves, there are many reasons why entrusting the task to a knife sharpening service is more advantageous.

One key factor to keep in mind is quality control.

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While skilled chefs may be experienced in using their blades while cooking, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the ability to assess whether or not a knife is sharp. Another consideration is time management. Your kitchen likely operates at breakneck speed, and taking time out of your staff’s hectic schedule to sharpen their knives will only slow them down. While handling sharpening in-house may seem most cost-effective, a single injury from a dull blade poses major risks of financial repercussions. By investing in a knife sharpening service, you are making the wiser financial choice.

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