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How to Handle Major Grease Trap Cleanings

Cleaning the grease trap is an essential part of every restaurant, from fast food to fine dining. Depending on the establishment, some grease traps will need more work than others to be cleaned. Here’s a quick guide to grease trap cleanings that take a little more work than your average trap.

Restaurants that especially serve fried foods will tend to have a much dirtier grease trap. When cleaning, you may want to use a vacuum to pump out the excess liquid the fastest.

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This will save you time, especially for larger grease traps, but will also be safer since you won’t be handling the grease waste directly.

After sucking out as much excess liquid as you can, you’ll likely have to scrap the trap with some sort of knife or serrated edge. It doesn’t have to be spotless since a grease trap will be naturally quite dirty from use, but preventing grease buildup will help prolong your next grease trap cleaning.

It’s not the most pleasant job, but it’s one that has to be done in a relatively timely matter. Grease trap cleanings are important for your restaurant because they’ll keep your sanitation standards high, ultimately making your restaurant more efficient and ready to serve its customers.


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