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Planning Your Special Day, on a Golf Course or a Beach

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Getting ready for a wedding is a big affair. If your big day is coming up, chances are you have already put in a good deal of planning. But no matter where you are in the planning process, you are going to want everything to be perfect. Of course, the truth of the matter is that what makes the day so special is that you are getting married to your favorite person, and even if nothing went right with the arrangements or throughout the course of the ceremony and reception, it should still be a perfect event for that reason alone. However it doesn’t hurt to put in a little work to make all of the details of the day as magical as possible.

Choosing the location of your wedding

You have looked at venues like a golf
course in Delaware, the church where your parents got married, and destination wedding ideas that will have you walking down the aisle with your toes in the sand. There are countless places that cater to an ideal wedding, but it all depends on your personal preferences. You can read up on ideal places for wedding receptions, and ask around about the best places to have a wedding, but ultimately you are going to make a decision based on what speaks to you. Maybe you can envision yourself getting married on a golf course in Delaware. Maybe a rustic, forest ceremony is more your style. Whatever the case may be, just be sure that you do not lose focus of what really matters.

The business of planning a wedding

Hudson Valley Weddings conducted research that showed that these days, about 35% of weddings are held outdoors. People like to connect with nature, and there is often a much more free and romantic atmosphere than is typically felt in the traditional setting of a dark or stuffy church. Of course, no matter where the wedding takes place, there is a potential for it all to get quite costly very quickly. For a modern wedding, the average budget for both the ceremony and reception is about $28,385.

But there are also several other factors to consider as well, from events leading up to the event like rehearsal dinners and bachelor or bachelorette parties to celebratory brunches or parties after the wedding as well. And the trend is that brides and grooms are spending more and more as time goes on. Recently, it was estimated that just over $1,000 was spent, on average, for rehearsal dinners, while nearly $500 was spent on brunch the morning after the ceremony. These numbers were significantly higher than the averages from the year before. There can be pressure to spend a lot of money and energy on the perfect wedding experience, but this should not detract from the joy of the day itself.

So whether you are looking at getting married on a golf course in Delaware or on a sandy beach or in a beautiful church, make sure that you do not lose sight of what is really happening: you are getting married to your best friend, and you are beginning to build a life together. The celebration is a wonderful, fun part of that, but don’t let the expense or planning or expectations ruin what is already inherently beautiful.

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