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One of the Easiest Roasted Garlic Hummus Recipes You’ll Ever Find

Roasted garlic hummus dip

Hummus, which is a dish made with chickpeas and tahini, is one of the most popular Middle Eastern foods in the United States. In addition to having a number of health benefits — like lowering the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease when eaten regularly — it’s also available in a number of flavors. From roasted red pepper to spicy hummus dips flavored with jalapenos and chipotle peppers, there are all kinds of hummus spreads available in most grocery stores.

One of the most common flavors, though, beyond classic plain hummus, is roasted garlic hummus dip. Roasted garlic hummus recipes are easy to follow and don’t take much more than if you were making plain hummus. Are you looking through the many roasted garlic hummus recipes online? Try this one below if you’d like to make your own.

First, you’ll need several ingredients if you’re making hummus on your own. These include:

  • One can of cooked chickpeas (or two if you’re doubling the recipe); you can also use one cup of dried chickpeas and boil them if you prefer
  • Two tablespoons of tahini (sesame seed paste)
  • A dash of olive oil (optional)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Fresh lemon to add flavor
  • One to three cloves of garlic
  • Other spices depending on personal preference

The first step is to chop up the garlic and roast it in the oven. This helps to dry it out and also add a smoky flavor. You can do this by placing the garlic on a baking sheet and heating it at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven until it’s crisped up.

The next step is to blend the chickpeas with the tahini and (optional) olive oil, as not all hummus is made with oil. You can use either canned chickpeas in your hummus, which are cooked and ready to be used, or you can buy dried ones and cook them up, then blend them once they are softened. You can also add salt and pepper to taste and squeeze in fresh lemon for some extra flavor, if you prefer. Other spices to be added, such as crushed red pepper, can be added if you think the hummus needs a little bit of kick.

Finally, once your garlic is roasted, you can mince it and blend it into the hummus. Chill the hummus before serving it, so it’s a nice cool snack or an easy sandwich spread.

If you think that making your own dip with garlic hummus recipes is too much for you, then try picking up some hummus at the supermarket. If you have questions about this recipe or finding great hummus choices, leave a comment in the space provided.

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