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In an already flooded market, presentation is everything

Frozen dessert cups

Even though most creameries produce ice cream primarily in June, throughout the entire year, the average American will eat the delicious frozen convection over 28 times. Furthermore, 90% of households that were questioned in a recent survey said that they consume frozen desserts such as yogurt and ice cream on a regular basis. These numbers have lead to there being almost 2600 frozen yogurt shops throughout the country in 2013.

So, how do you make your frozen yogurt shop stand out from all the rest and make it the place for parents to take their kids? The answer lies in the packaging and presentation. Since there are so many yogurt and ice cream shops to choose from, the way to be the one that everyone flocks to depends not only on the deliciousness of your products but also on having colored spoons and personalized ice cream cups.

After all, Starbucks is not just popular because of their pricey beverages, but also, because they take the extra step to personalize the experience. Furthermore, by using frozen yogurt supplies that can be personalized, you can give children something to do while they are waiting for their order to be made. They can color their ice cream cups however they choose. This makes the experience fun and one that they will beg their parents to repeat as often as possible.

Another great way to get more customers in the door is to have an abundant supply of mini tasting spoons on hand. This way adults and children alike could sample different flavors before deciding which one they would like included in their order. In addition, you could also have an employee stand outside and offer samples of the flavor of the day, a popular flavor you have on hand, or any flavor you believe will draw them in the door for more.

Finally, you may also want to expand your yogurt shop to also include gelato. Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert is similar to ice cream and yogurt. It usually has between 3 and 8% milkfat. It is also between 25 and 30% air. Ice cream can be upwards of 50% air after the churning process. Should you decided to incorporate this up and coming frozen treat, you will need gelato cups and gelato spoons to complete the experience.

By having different supplies for ice cream, yogurt and gelato, you can maintain control over your inventory. You will be able to easily see which one of the three is selling the best based upon the number of paper cups are sold. This will make reordering of supplies and knowing what product to advertise or push much easier.

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