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A Recipe for Restaurant Success — A Great Burger and Craft Beer

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Nothing is more American than a burger and a beer. Today?s diner continues to enjoy that combination, but when people are thinking about choosing a restaurant for lunch or an evening out, their expectations — and level of food and drink sophistication — are higher than ever. Smart craft beer restaurants and pubs are upping their game to meet the challenge.
The market for a burger and a brew is simply huge. Even in this day and age of global food options, Americans eat hamburgers more than four times per month. And beer, according to research from 2014, remains the country?s preferred alcoholic beverage. Statistics showed that 41 percent of drinkers typically consume beer as their beverage of choice. Eighteen- to 34-year-olds chose beer in even higher numbers. Nearly half would like something tall and frosty rather than wine or a mixed drink. With all that in mind, what does today?s diner (whether looking for a bar for happy hour or for a finer dining venue) value? For many, when choosing a restaurant, it?s all about beer diversity and beef excellence.
The vast majority of craft beer consumers like to change up what they drink depending on the season. Darker, hearty beers for fall and winter and lighter ales for spring and summer are common options. Hand-in-hand with that is research showing that discovering new beers is popular with more than 90% of imported beer drinkers, nearly 90% of domestic fans, and almost 85% of craft beer consumers. Craft beer pubs and bars meet these needs by both serving a wide range of lagers, ales, stouts and more, and by also seeking out new good craft beers on an ongoing basis.
On the food side, a 2009 report showed (unsurprisingly) that quality of meat was the first or second most important factor for burger lovers. Toppings trailed meat quality significantly. Simply put, a chef can?t create a great burger without the basic building block of excellent beef… and consumers can tell.
More than ever, diners and drinkers find themselves in something of a renaissance for American craft beers and pub food. Whether the focus is on serving as a dating restaurant, a local hangout, or a more family-oriented venue, today?s more smarter, more aware beer and burger consumer has a wealth of options to pick from.

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