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Ice Cream, Ice Cream Spoons, and Everything In Between

One of the most popular desserts in the United States is none other than ice cream. Plenty of people love to eat and consume ice cream more than any other kind of dessert. However, there are so many different ways to actually consume ice cream. This includes either eating it from a cone or using ice cream spoons!

In any given two-week period, according to research by NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. This type of statistic is more than enough to point to the idea that people want to eat ice cream often. Two weeks is not a long span of time for someone to spend not eating this type of dessert that is somewhat unhealthy.

The average American will consume ice cream 28.5 times this year. This includes ice cream cups, ice cream sundaes, and ice cream cones as well. Some people will prefer to just eat ice cream from their home without having to visit a storefront or business. However, others believe in visiting these types of businesses in person and thus, frozen yogurt has risen over time.

At the end of 2013, there were an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt stores. Ninety percent of all United States households regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat. More often than not, people consume frozen yogurt with ice cream spoons as their utensil. This is the most common form of eating frozen yogurt as there are not many other alternatives.

There are about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in the United States every year. All of this ice cream is eaten within the span of the year. As the population continues to trend upwards this is likely to continue to grow as well. People love ice cream and this is passed down to other generations because kids really love ice cream.

Two of the most common flavors of ice cream is chocolate and ice cream but only one can be the most popular flavor. According to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers at 28%. Vanilla is beloved amongst people but that does not mean that chocolate is a distant second!

Ice cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process. It is important to have some sort of understanding as to how ice cream is made when you eat it with ice cream spoons. After all, many consumers value the knowledge that comes with whatever product they often consume.

Gelato contains between 3 and 8% milkfat and 25 to 30% air. Gelato is not the same as ice cream in the United States and it originated in Europe. The main difference between these two desserts is that Gelato is not as thick as ice cream in nature. Thus, it is easier to eat a lot of Gelato at once whereas ice cream is much more difficult to consume in bulk.

About 9% of all the milk produced by United States dairy farmers is used to produce ice cream. That is a lot of milk to specifically be put towards crafting and creating ice cream. Especially when you take into account all of the different products that require milk.

June is the month that the most ice cream is produced. The summer season is when ice cream is consumed at the highest rates amongst Americans. People prefer to enjoy a cold treat during a hot summer day as opposed to a cold winter night!

In Conclusion

Anyone that wants to know more about ice cream spoons should just visit a local ice cream shop. They will have plenty of information on all of the equipment that they utilize to serve customers. Thus, you can eat all of the ice cream you want with the best ice cream spoons.

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