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Hummus Can Be a Great Thing to Include in Your Diet

Spicy fresh guacamole

Phoenicians from ancient times introduced the chickpea to the Middle East, and it first went through the cultivation process about 7,000 years ago. Once 2008 rolled around, over 15 million people in the United States were reporting that hummus–which includes the chickpea as the primary ingredient–had become a regular part of their diets.

But what do basic hummus dip recipes include? Well, the biggest plate of hummus ever made had two tons of lemon juice, eight tons of chickpeas, and two tons of tahini, among other ingredients. The total weight was greater than four tons–the equivalent of four medium-sized automobiles.

Hummus is often garnished paprika, parsley, and olive oil. Beyond traditional hummus recipes, there are also such flavors as roasted pine nut, red pepper, sun-dried tomato, jalapeno, and spinach and artichoke, among others. while you can certainly dip vegetables such as celery, sweet peppers, and carrots in hummus, you can also use it on sandwiches for added flavor.

Make sure that when preparing a meal with hummus, you use only the best and most fresh ingredients available. This will really help to boost the overall taste. If you have questions, comments, or recommendations on hummus dip recipes, share your thoughts in the section below. Read more.

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