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Enjoy a Trip to the Past with Ice Cream

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Even though most ice cream is produced in June, people in the United States consume it all year long. In fact, a recent survey showed that 90% of American households indulge in frozen treats such as ice cream, gelato, and yogurt on a weekly basis.

When you think about people of all ages holding ice cream cups with lids, you may be curious about the history of ice cream in the United States. According to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the first “official” mention of ice cream was in a 1744 letter written to Maryland Governor William Bladen by one of his guests. It’s highly likely that the Governor served this decadent dessert during special dinners at his mansion.

The IDFA also states that the New York Gazettepublished the first-known ice cream advertisement on May 12, 1777. It’s interesting to note that over the summer of 1790. President George Washington spent $200 on ice cream, and appeared to have eaten it from pewter ice cream pots.

Ice cream was a dish usually available only to the upper classes until the 1800s, which brought the invention of the ice house, states the IDFA. Jacob Fussel, a Baltimore milk dealer, can be thanked for pioneering the ice cream industry in the United States in 1851. By 1874, soda fountains came on the scene, and one of American’s favorite beverages, the ice cream soda, became available.

Were you aware that ice cream was a symbol of morale during World War II? The IDFA reports that it was. Apparently, all branches of the military engaged n a bit of good-natured competition to see which branch could serve their men the most ice cream. Just one example of this occurred during 1945, when sailors stationed in the western Pacific were able to enjoy ice cream.

Dairy rationing was prevalent during World War II. Once the war and the rationing ended, however, this cause for celebration was enjoyed with ice cream, according to the IDFA.

When you consider the history of ice cream in this country, it’s wonderful to know that many Americans will be able to enjoy it whenever they want. Given that there are so luscious flavors to experience, all that’s needed is ice cream cups with lids-and a spoon!

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