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Country Club WeddingsPlanning the Wedding of Your Dreams

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Weddings nowadays have taken on a life of their own. While weddings have always been considered the most special day in a girl’s life, the opportunities that have become popular when planning that special day have grown above and beyond what they used to be!

Country club weddings have always been a popular choice for brides and grooms. Country club weddings will typically offer beautiful grounds available for pictures and even for an outdoor ceremony and reception. For an indoor wedding event, there will be several rooms to choose from, depending upon the size of the wedding, the number of guests, and the preferences of the wedding couple. At times the various rooms will be themed and can only be enhanced by the decor chosen by those planning the wedding. Country club weddings can be held at a country club on the ocean, offering ocean views, or on a lake, or in a location offering breathtaking views of the mountains. When meeting with country club staff to plan the wedding, the couple will be given choices of menu, which will offer versatile options including something for everyone.

A wedding can be held at any time of day or evening, as well as any day of the week. These days, almost anything is acceptable! A country club wedding held early in the day can include a reception with a brunch menu in the order of a buffet for the guests. Or, for a wedding held later in the day, the bride and groom may choose to celebrate earlier with a family brunch held just for immediate family. Holding a brunch the day after the wedding has also become popular for many brides and grooms. Typically, a couple will spend just under $1200.00 on their rehearsal dinner, with another approximate $450.00 spent on brunch the day after. Often, the brunch can be included in the wedding package of the couple’s chosen venue, making it that much more convenient for out of town guests who are staying overnight.

According to statistics, the average cost of a wedding these days is $28,385.00. This price is inclusive of the ceremony and the reception. A country club wedding, as well as a wedding held at most other venues, will offer a wide range of choices from location within the property to the menu, to any special activities requested by the bridal party. The ceremony itself can be held elsewhere, with the reception at the country club afterwards. Or, the country club can handle both the ceremony and the reception, all inclusive, at a reasonable price. Because of the expansive grounds, the beautiful views, and the choices of decor and menu, country club weddings never go out of style!

There are any number of unique wedding places to choose from. A golf club wedding offers as many opportunities for a beautiful wedding as does a country club. Golf club events often include weddings, and, of course, are tailored to meet the desires of the wedding couple. As with any other venue, there is typically a choice of rooms or banquet halls in which to hold both the ceremony and reception, or, if preferred, just the reception. There will be a wide range of menu choices, and choices of outdoor spaces for ceremony, cocktail hour, or dessert time are often available. Many golf clubs will have an outdoor covered terrace in case of inclement weather, giving guests both indoor and outdoor choices in case of rain.

A couple deciding to hold their wedding at a golf club will have many locations to choose from. Golf clubs can be found in most towns and cities. Across the country, there are thousands to choose from. As a matter of fact, history shows that the United States was home to over 1000 golf clubs by the time 1900 rolled around!

Many couples have increasingly made the decision to hold their weddings outdoors. Statistics show that 35% of weddings are now held in the outdoors. With so many venues to choose from, it is really no wonder. Many wedding venues offer not only beautiful indoor facilities, but also magnificent views with large, stunningly decorated patios and terraces.

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