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Eating at a Korean Steakhouse

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Korean barbecue restaurants are becoming increasingly popular establishments because of the unique dining experience. This video explores the ins and outs of eating at a Korean steakhouse.

The first tip is to pay attention as you cook your meat. At Korean barbecue restaurants, your the head chef. The server will come around with thin strips of meat that you will cook on your own. So keep an eye on the grill so you don’t overcook!

Knives may not be served with your meat. In Korea, scissors are used to cut everything, including the floor. Prepare to tackle grilling with a pair of scissors in one hand, and chopsticks in the other.

Your server will bring you appetizers before you even order. Don’t worry – these won’t be added to your bill. The appetizers at a Korean barbecue restaurant are free!

Lettuce will be provided to make lettuce wraps with your main course. Put your cooked meat and any toppings or sauces you want onto the wrap, fold it up, and pop it in your mouth. Do it all in one bite or things will get messy!

Meat is just one aspect of the Korean barbecue experience. You will also be served stews and noodles, so make sure to bring an empty stomach!

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