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Children’s Birthday Party? Skip the Cake, Get an Ice Cream Sunday Bar

Ice cream cups

You woke up today to the sound of your daughter?s feet skittering along your floor. It?s only three more days to her Birthday, she excitedly informs you. And do you know what she wants more than anything in the world? A Batman themed birthday party! Which would be great, if you hadn?t already gone out and bought all of those Princess themed birthday decorations that she asked for last week!
You walk your tottering toddler into the kitchen, telling yourself that in no way will you submit to another one of your daughter?s fads — oh the fads! And then you think, maybe you could get away with putting up some black streamers left over from Halloween. After all, it?s not like anyone will be talking about the decorations after they see the dessert bar.
That?s what you?ve put most of your effort into; that unholy collection of sweets that will make your daughter?s party the highlight of the pre-school social season.
The adults will have a sampling of Italian gelato, French beignets, Baklava from the Balkans, and frozen Yogurt–for the weight watchers.
The kids, however, will have free range over their very own Ice Cream Sunday bar. After all, who doesn?t love Ice Cream? 40% of Americans will eat at least a little Ice cream every two weeks — but then who can have just a little ice cream?
The first step of your Ice Cream Sunday Bar is choosing and decorating the perfect paper ice cream cup. You?ll have a table set with crayons and stickers (all nontoxic!) nearby, so they can sit down and decorate.
From there the children will move to the Ice Cream station, which is what you?re calling the counter next to your freezer. You have Vanilla and Chocolate; the kids can do two scoops of their favorite or one of each.

And then? Toppings. Chocolate syrup, sour gummies, peanuts (you checked ahead and no one was allergic), and sprinkles of all colors and flavors. Each child will get to make their very own, perfect Ice Cream Sunday!
The last choice the children will make is which colored spoons to eat their creation with! They come in a myriad of colors, but you?ve stocked up on the picks and blues just in case.
And then, all that?s left is to send them home before the sugary dessert kicks in!

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