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Americans Love Soup – Maybe Too Much!

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There’s nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup, no matter the weather or day, and it seems that American’s agree. According to statistics, over 10 billion bowls of soup are eaten every year in America. That’s a lot of soup.

One of the biggest gripes to be had is how long it takes to get that nice hot bowl, and the lack of mobility one has with it. Hot soup containers, those of the glass or metal variety (at least discounting certain makes that can alleviate heat) can burn the hands quickly. They’re also heavy and sometimes cumbersome to use.

Enter the paper soup cup and paper soup containers.

The ability to take your soups on the go, and enjoy it wherever, as long as you have a spoon to eat with. Soup on the go is becoming so popular that in 2016 32.1% of deli operations stated that they planned on improving their soup stations, to drive in more revenue. And with all the American’s eating so much of it, that’s a good idea.

Paper soup cups come with lids that can be used to seal them shut, allowing you to move around freely without you needing to worry about burning yourself. They also insulate well, preventing heat from leaving the food inside, and keeping it ready to eat.

They’re also disposable, which means less hassle about what to do with that glass or metal container when you’re done. You just eat and go.

Pairing a hot soup container with a nice hot cup of coffee on a brisk day is a wonderful idea, and many locations are beginning to realize this. Both are disposable, and both can be taken on the go, so the customer doesn’t have to stop moving. Whether that be to get to work, or do their errands, they can get their quick meal and a pick-me-up fast.

Because if there’s one thing American’s love more than soup, it’s coffee. The U.S. alone brought over about 27.5 million bags of coffee from overseas in 2014, that’s 25% of the global market. And according to statistics, American’s drink coffee between meals more than they do with (30% between to 5% with), a fact that could be changed with the right hot soup container.

American’s just love hot, fast, and convenient things.

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