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5 Benefits of Providing Coffee at the Office

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Providing coffee at the office may seem like more a hassle than a benefit, but studies have shown otherwise. Aside from worrying about the office coffee maker, office coffee provider, and office coffee supplies, such as office coffee cups, there are multiple benefits that can be had from providing coffee in the office to your employees. Over half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day with the average coffee drinker consuming over 3 cups per day, and almost half of all U.S. workers say that coffee helps them stay more productive at work. Read below to see other benefits of providing coffee at the office for your employees.

Strengthens Brain

Drinking a moderate amount of coffee each day helps to strengthen the brain. Coffee holds many benefits for your brain as well as your body. Coffee helps to lower cognitive decline, and helps you be more alert, it can also help protect against Parkinson’s disease. Coffee also contains anti-inflammatory agents and helps protect the brain from DNA damage and oxidative stress.

Increased Creativity

Coffee can help with creativity whether sipped alone or in while in the company of others. Coffee breaks help co-workers overcome certain barriers allowing them to work together better.

Learn Faster

Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee helps aide in comprehension and learning. Studies also suggest that caffeine also helps with short term memory. This helps productivity at work, and helps coworkers learn things faster and retain what they learn for longer.

Live Longer

There is a direct correlation between the amount of coffee drank and the reduced risk of sudden death in individuals. Coffee breaks with individuals promote an improvement in workers capabilities, and allows them to share stresses from the job while drinking coffee.

Desk Workers Benefits

Caffeine consumption has been shown to reduce the pain that desk workers experience. Studies have shown that employees who spend most of their days at their desk and consume caffeine experience less pain symptoms compared with those who don’t consume caffeine. These findings could be beneficial for desk workers with painful symptoms related to their job.

Providing coffee for the office holds many benefits, and finding an office coffee provider holds even more. With a provider you will not have to worry about supplies such as office coffee cups and coffee itself. These things are provided with the coffee service. When you don’t have to worry about supplies such as office coffee cups, you can focus on the many benefits coffee will bring to the office and to the employees.

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