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3 Ways to Incorporate Hummus into Your Diet

Pico de gallo salsa

Hummus has gained a lot of traction in recent years among the foodie community, and for great reasons. It’s healthy, and it comes in a ton of different flavors, ranging from
spicy hummus to more plan flavors like chickpea. Recipes with hummus are also endless, which makes it a great product to have in your fridge. About nine in 10 Americans don’t get enough vegetables every day. In fact, people only eat, on average, one cup of vegetables per day — and only about half of the recommended amount of nutrient dense beans. The Dietary Guidelines state that the average person should eat one and a half cups of beans per week. Read on for how you can incorporate different hummus flavors into your diet.


Hummus is also really great to use as a simple spread or solo dip. Many people like to use it to dip carrots, celery, pretzels, or crackers into. This can also be a really great way to familiarize yourself with the different flavors and textures of hummus, so that you can more easily incorporate it into more complicated recipes.


Salsa dips can also be made using hummus! There are actually numerous different types of dips and sauces that can be made with hummus depending on what flavor you are going for. Many people choose to use spicier or more exotic flavors in order to get a really rich tasting dip or sauce.


Hummus can also become a dipping sauce for chicken, or a light spread over a side. There are a ton of ways to incorporate it into a dinner. One of the most popular ways is making plain, skinless chicken, and using hummus as the sauce!

Have you tried these different hummus flavors in new recipes? What are your favorite combinations so far? Will you be experimenting more?

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