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3 Unique and Creative Birthday Ideas

When there is a birthday coming up, it’s time to get festive and plan the party. A fun idea is to get a custom birthday party shirt that can be worn by the birthday person, or it can be worn by everyone at the party. These become cherished reminders of fun birthday parties. If you are looking for other custom party accessories, there are items such as party hats and banners that can be made for the festivities.

If you are looking to buy party supplies online, there are a number of websites that sell them. There are party-centric websites that offer a wide range of supplies as well as larger websites that sell party supplies as a part of its inventory. Going to sites like Amazon and eBay can be good for finding discount party decorations. If you are interested in cheap birthday party decorations, big-box stores like Walmart can be great resources. They often have a number of other things needed for parties, including cups and plates that go with a theme. If you don’t know if you want a theme, take a look at the decorations available. They can often suggest a theme for the upcoming party.

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A few months ago I had the joy of planning a one year old’s birthday party. This can sometimes be a little difficult because parents can be quite specific about what they want and we all know a one year old’s birthday party is for the parents not the child; the child will not even remember! There are so many different ways to throw a party for a one year old. I’m going to outline some basic ideas in this article.

  1. Twinkles and Tutus Obviously, this idea is better suited for a girl having her first birthday. This idea centers around glitter and ballerina outfits.
    Decorations: Balloons dipped in glue and then glitter and tulle material instead of streamers. You can also buy cups that already are covered in glitter to add to your theme.
    Food: As this will be more of a classy, girly party; a messy chocolate fountain and well, anything messy will be passed over here. Pretty much any bowl can have a tutu put around it and you could add glitter to the utensils. As far as the actual food goes, think tea party; sandwich quarters, finger foods and of course, sparkling water to add to the twinkle theme.
    Games: If you choose to have games at your party then calm, sitting down games are appropriate.
  2. In a Flash We all know that first year seems to be gone in an instant; one second they are born, the next you’re planning their first birthday party! So, having a party themed in that direction can be fun. This idea can go two ways, whether you have things that flash like fireworks, flashlights, etc or go the direction I will here; celebrating being a child. Children grow up to fast so this party lets them just be kids.
    Venue: This idea is best used outside so decorations are not necessary unless you want to add some balloons at your picnic table where you will serve the cake. A playground where the older kids can play on jungle gyms or run through a fountain or sprinklers. If you have something like this, games will not be necessary either.
    Food: Anything that melts quickly in the mouth would be fun to serve at this party.
  3. Born to be Wild This is a fun one for your wild at heart child.
    Venue: A safari or a museum or zoo where you can go and see wildlife is perfect.
    Games: Play the sound of exotic, wild animals and let your guests guess which sound belongs to which animal. Renting a bounce house is a great way to let children be wild in a safe environment.
    Food: Animal crackers, jungle juice, sandwiches lined up like a snake, lion and tiger decorated cupcakes; there are so many creative ways to serve food at this party.

This is just three ways to really enjoy your little ones first birthday party. Whether they are getting wet in a fountain or staying dry at a princess party, your guests are sure to enjoy a well thought out, creatively planned party. What are some other ways you can celebrate your child’s life?

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