Improving Your Health With the Right Food Additives

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Benefits of cashew nuts

There are many health benefits to a variety of the health products you can buy in bulk at many stores: from the American walnut, to peanut flour, to white chia seeds. If you’re looking for the benefits of eating various types of nuts as well as white chia seeds benefits, look no further.

For the Love of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very healthy for you and good for your body. They are compromised of 6% water, 46% carbohydrates, 34% fat, and 19% protein. One of the reasons why people love chia seeds is because of the wonderful fiber they offer you! In fact, one ounce of chia seeds equals a whopping 12 grams of fiber for you – which is a huge portion of the daily intake that you should be receiving! One of the best ways that you can get your intake of chia seeds is by adding them to your smoothies. White chia seeds benefits include getting lots of nutrients without having too many calories, the fact that they are loaded with antioxidants, and being high in the quality protein you need for strength in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Getting the Most Out of the Best Nuts

There are many benefits to adding nuts into your diet as well. A 1-ounce serving of raw peanuts contains about 7 grams of protein and over 2 grams of fiber alone. An ounce of macadamia nuts contains the same amount of fiber as peanuts, ensuring that you are getting your daily intake. However, macadamia nuts have other benefits as well – they contain high amounts of B1 and magnesium. One serving brings in 58% of what you need in manganese and 23% of your thiamin for the day. Don’t forget the health benefits: Two servings of nuts per day is known to help fight against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. They are also known to improve your brain function. Eating walnuts has shown, through studies, that they improve comprehension.

Get the most out of your diet. Chia seeds and nuts bring many benefits to your health; these health benefits are ones that will help you through life.

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