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Grass Fed Beef and Wild Alaskan Salmon

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When you know exactly where your food is coming from and that it is safe for consumption, your world gets a little brighter. You start thinking about the ways that you are helping your health as well as the world around you, as many organic meat companies take the opportunity to help the environment. Today we will take a closer look at grass fed beef and wild caught Alaskan salmon, and the benefits of buying organically.

Why You Should Choose Grass Fed

When it comes to cows and chickens, you have options. Grass fed steaks and free range chicken are two of the best options to distribute into your diet because of the various benefits they have on your health and the impact on the country. We eat a lot of meat. In fact, Americans consume about 90 pounds of chicken every year in the U.S. They also eat about 66.5 pounds of beef every year. What if you could find out about better options than most of the products you buy in your market?

There are many benefits to grass fed. Grass fed beef, for instance, has up to 7 times more beta carotene than grain fed, and accounts for about 3% of beef sales in the U.S. Many people are unaware of the many benefits of grass fed beef, from higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and more vitamins A and E.

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon: The Best for Your Buck

If you are looking for salmon with just as many health benefits, you should consider alaskan sockeye salmon right from the river! Wild caught is preferred over farm raised for many reasons. In fact, wild caught is known to have 32% fewer calories than fish that is raised on a farm. Farmed salmon is also known to have three times the amount of saturated fat, which could have an impact on your overall health and have you feeling sluggish.

No matter what options you choose to feed your family, make sure you’re making the right choices in your meat and fish, and bring something better to the table.

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