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Why You Need to Use Microgreens and Edible Flowers as Food Accents

In the present day, food is no longer about taste or sustenance. Food, especially in a dinner party should look as good as it tastes. It should please your eyes, not just your tongue.

Kids prefer their food to have 7 different food components and 6 different colors. That’s higher compared to adults who prefer 3 food components and 3 colors. This urge for beauty and creativity is the main reason why people are turning to true leaf microgreen plants.

What is a True Leaf Microgreen?

A microgreen is a term that refers to tiny vegetable greens and different types of edible flowers. People have been using microgreens to spice their food for 30 years now.

So, do you want to enhance the look and flavor of your meal? True leaf microgreen is your best bet. You can use them as an accompaniment to your meat diet or add them to salads.

Can You Grow Microgreens?

Microgreens improve the appearance of your food. But, can you grow them?

Well, growing a true leaf microgreen is more difficult than growing other plants. First, they’re small in size with specific requirements. Even storing true leaf microgreens requires a specific temperature of 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, if you want to add petite microgreens in your diet, buy from a competent provider. Don’t attempt to grow them by yourself. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money.

What Can True Leaf microgreen be an Accent For?

Meats: Do you love meat? If so add some microgreens on top of your meat or sauce that you use for meat. Adding it to the meat or its accompaniment adds color to your food. If you want to document the fine dish, you’ll have a colorful dish. Further, they’ll add a refreshing texture to your meat.

Salads: Adding microgreens to salads helps in preparation of fine dining meals. Using it in your salad expands its color making it ideal for a picture. Other than adding volume, it will also make your salad aesthetically appealing.

Soups: Petite micro greens, micro herbs, and organic microgreens are ideal for your soup. The edible flowers help add color to an otherwise colorless soup. It will also add flavors to your soup making it tasty and quite refreshing.

Alternative Uses for Microgreens

Unlike tiny vegetables, true leaf microgreens aren’t limited to sprouts. Micro herbs, which add a twist to food without overpowering their flavor like true herbs are also available. Edible flower petals which are present in microgreens is a popular ingredient in various dishes. Furthermore, candied flowers are popular additions to various sweet treats.

Crystallized Edible Flowers

Crystalized flowers are a perfect garnish for desserts. Yes, they add taste to a tastier dish.

So, do you want to use crystallized flowers? If so, they are in different forms, from crystallized pansy to crystalized viola. Whichever you choose, it will not disappoint. Such include the following:

Sugar Flowers for Cupcakes: A crystallized viola works magic to your cupcake. It adds a sweetening element and an interesting texture to your cupcake. With this, your cupcakes will look unique. You can choose the ideal color that matches your party scheme and much more.

Sugar flowers for wedding cakes: Crystallized edible flowers are not only ideal accents for cupcakes or other sweet treats. You can also use them when preparing for a wedding cake. Even better, ensure the colors match your wedding. Yes, this will make a delicious cake and impress your guests. If you’re getting married, consider adding an edible accent to your cake.

Food is important for various reasons. Some like sustenance are obvious. However, it also plays a pivotal role in society due to an increase in fine dining and social media influence. On average, Americans spend over $28.55 on a fine dining experience. After sampling amazing meals, people document what they eat. In most cases, this is done through social media. If you want to prepare a fine dining dish, edible food accents are your best bet.

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