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Why Insulated Beer Growlers Are the Best

Beer is a drink that people have enjoyed for centuries. In the recent years, the craft bear was introduced and made it easy for beer lovers to enjoy their drink any time. This beer is not brewed in large batches and comes with insulated beer growlers. It is has become a favourite to many people and if you love beer, there are good reason buy growlers. See below:
You Can Enjoy Homebrews
According to a recent research, 84% of people who drink craft beer choose what to drink according to the season. This is made possible by keg; you can brew your beer and do not have to look bottles. You simply fill up the stainless growler and drink it at home with your friends when they visit you.
Easy To Keep Your Favourite Brew at Home
With an insulated beer growler, you can go to a local brewery and buy your favourite beer to keep at home. You also enjoy quality beer from the manufacturer at home any time you want. However, some breweries do not allow this, so call before you head there with metal growler. Get to know if they can sell beer through in growlers or not.
Easy To Transport Your Beer
You can buy growlers in different sizes and shapes, but they are all easy to carry around. Most of them have a handle and you can even to carry multiple growlers at the same time. Your beer cannot spill and remains fresh because the growler caps are air tight.
Easy To Tap New Keg
If you have a party and the beer is running out, you can add any remaining beer into one of your growlers. This allows you to tap new keg leaving guests with something to enjoy. It will keep beer flowing and your guests will have throughout the party.
In the US, about 14% drink at least once weekly. If you are one of them and love beer, it’s time to get you own insulated beer growler. There are different types of growlers including glass and ceramic, but the best beer growler should be made of steel. It keeps your beer cold and does not break when dropped.
With metallic growler, you can go with your beer for hiking or camping. The stainless steel growler is easy to handle and jeeps the beer safe and cool outdoors. The only drawback is that you cannot see how beer is remaining. At times it will run low when you least expect it.

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