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Which One’s More Popular Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream Or Gelato?

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Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean frozen desserts are out. Ice cream is a staple of many an American diet and a treat many return to when they want to have fun, relax or satiate their sweet tooth. Cake may be great for parties and pies an exceptionally exquisite enjoyment during the holidays, but ice cream has found a way to fit into nearly any situation imaginable. This flexibility is exactly what your company needs to take advantage of if it wants to sell plenty of cups and cones! Fun frozen yogurt supplies and cute ice cream containers aren’t about to fade away any time soon, so brush up on your know-how so you can face the cold weather in style.

Ice Cream

What separates ice cream from the pack? Perhaps it’s the creamy consistency that melts in your mouth and brightens any sour mood. Maybe it’s the fluffy texture that looks fantastic when topping a cone, a bowl or even colored spoons. A common saying is ‘eating with your eyes’ and ice cream has perfected the art form long ago. The average American will eat ice cream 28 times per year and, according to the NPD Group, 40% of Americans will dig into a bowl in any given two-week period.


We know what separates ice cream from all the other desserts out there…but what separates it from gelato? They even appear rather similar on the surface, leading many to wonder why they should bother making the switch when browsing their usual grocery store aisle. Gelato, unlike ice cream, contains around 8% milkfat and 30% air. This is a notable inverse to ice cream which has a higher air content as well as fat content. Do you like your dessert more rich and fluffy or more smooth and concentrated? It’s all in the details.

Frozen Yogurt

For those that are eager for less fat and less fluff, frozen yogurt is the go-to. It uses yogurt and many different fruit bases to create a tart and tasty dessert for any occasion. It’s thought as many as 90% of American households will regularly pick up a sweet frozen treat to compliment dinners, family gatherings and holidays. Nearly one and a half billion gallons of ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato are created every year in the United States, to boot. Where else can your shop go but up?

Favorite Flavors

Ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt…each one has a special place in our hearts. But which flavor reigns supreme? As it turns out, vanilla is still one of the most popular according to a survey conducted by the International Ice Cream Association. Strawberry and chocolate follow close behind as staples that can’t be beat, but a few other flavors are starting to seep into the fold. Raspberry and mango are ideal for those that want a little kick to their dish, while unique flavors like red bean and pistachio have dedicated fans.

Creating A Well-Rounded Brand

What can your shop offer every customer that walks through the door? You might as well cover all the bases so you’re prepared for anything. Ice cream containers are used to organize each dessert for easy perusal and should be paired with frozen yogurt spoons for taste testing. Trying out new flavors is one of the most enjoyable parts of the buying process and can see people having a blast every time they enter your shop. Make sure your ice cream containers also have individual ice cream cups and cones so nobody feels they have to compromise when they just want to snack.

Cold weather or sunny day, ice cream will always hold us in its sway!

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