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Where Does Your Water Bottle Come From?

Water security is a huge concern. People must know where the water or water bottle they buy comes from.

There are two sources of bottled water. Purified water comes from any tap water that undergoes the filtration process.

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It is filtered to remove any contaminants and impurities. However, spring water is filtered underground and undergoes the filtration process. It came from natural springs.

Deer Park Natural Spring Water came across the US. The bottled water comes from a natural spring. It guarantees drinkers that they are safe and contains a natural blend of minerals.

Smartwater Purified Water is a bottled water company that offers a pure and hydrating taste. They also offer a premium taste of water with electrolytes to taste better.

Poland Spring Natural Spring Water is also a famous brand of bottled originated in Poland. This bottled water has topped the water brand in the USA since 2006. Thus, the water is being sourced from the natural spring in Maine. They guarantee drinkers a refreshing taste.

Aquafina Purified Water comes from a public source of water that has undergone a rigorous filtration process making it safe for public consumption. Every bottled water produced is guaranteed to have a refreshing taste with complete minerals.

There is numerous source of bottled water around the world. It can either be from springs or undergoes a purification process. To understand better, watch the video.

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