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What to Expect During a Food Service Inspection

If you are the owner of an establishment that sells and serves food, you need to be aware of the inspection procedures. Inspections are performed in order to ensure the safety of your food services. It’s important to make sure your employees have ServSafe training so that they can make and prepare food safely so that the inspector does not cite you for anything. Your employees should also be aware of the inspection process to help them understand the best ways to keep food safe and to help your business pass inspection.

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In this video, you will learn what a typical inspection is like.

The inspector will begin by washing their hands to ensure they also keep the establishment safe. They will observe the goings-on in the kitchen and ask questions to the preparers, including how they create different dishes. They will notice details such as gloves, hairnets, clean surfaces, and sanitizer buckets. If your employees have ServSafe training, they will be better prepared to answer questions and comply with safety regulations.


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